Low Patronage Hits Newly Opened Ibadan Shoprite


Ibadan Shoprite opened few weeks ago, And it was like a tourist site, Lots of jokes has been flying around including: About Two hundred thousand people visited Shoprite Ibadan, On the Opening Day, But a sales of Just # 35,000 (thirty_five thousand naira) was made. Also secondary School student in ibadan haven’t ceased going for Excursion at the Ibadan shoprite since Inception, but now the Ibadan people have since found their way back to their local markets.. Barely a month after the grand opening of Shoprite at Heritage Cocoa Mall, on Oba Adebimpe Road, Dugbe, Ibadan, Oyo State, the retail store has been hit with low patronage. The number of Ibadan people who go there to buy things have reduced drastically. Some residents blame it on the prices of goods at shoprite. While some say it’s cheaper to buy some goods from their local markets than from shoprite, others say though it’s cheaper to buy from shoprite than the stores in their neighborhood, the difference isn’t much and the transport fare to go to shop rite and back isn’t worth it, so they stick to shops in their area. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>
The most patronized commodity at shoprite Ibadan is the freshly baked bread, everything else na manage, Though people go there a lot on the weekends…just to look around.

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