Mad Man Disrupts Church Service In Lagos State Members Escape For Safety


0It was pandemonium when a ‘mad man’ dressed and swaddled in multi-coloured fabrics saun-tered in the worship centre of Glory Chapel of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Agbelekale, Abule Egba, Lagos, last Sunday sending choristers, members of the church scampering in every direction seeking safe haven.
Vanguard reports that the middle-aged man bran-dishing a heavy stone in his right hand and a tiny piece of freshly sawed piece of wood from a nearby carpenter’s workshop was said to have walked out of the church almost immediately but made a return bid, this time with ferocious campaign just as the parish pastor, Pastor Ladi Akinsanya was telling the congregants about a special guest minister.

The entry of the ‘mad man’ interrupted the announcement as worshippers made for any and every escape route out of the church. Sensing the mood of the church, a middle-aged man simply identified as Baba Dominion was said to have taken a bold step and grabbed the ‘mad man’ from behind creating an opportunity for another to disarm him.


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