Making Millions From Day Care Business


olatokunbo-gbadamosiTHE number of full-time housewives in Africa’s urban areas is on a rapid decline. This is due to the fact that more African women are working at paid jobs or running their own small businesses.As a result of this trend, there is a growing opportunity for convenience services like crèche and daycare businesses. More middle class families can now afford these services and they appreciate the value they add to their children’s early mental and emotional development.

A daycare centre, otherwise known as a childcare centre, is an establishment, a facility or place where parents who have no time (due to the nature of their jobs) take their children to; and these children are taken care of by someone else for a fee. Aside taking care of children on behalf of their parents on a daily basis, a daycare centre may also provide basic tutoring and educational activities to these kids.

It is an exciting and fulfilling prospect for anyone with a passion and natural energy for children. Therefore, if you have passion for looking after children and you love being around them, starting a daycare centre is a smart business choice. This article explores everything you need to know to get your crèche business off the ground.

Who can do the business?

Passion is the primary requirement for whoever wants to explore the business. By extension, the person must have a good level of patience and managerial skill. Without patience, you cannot understand children since they cannot audibly and clearly express their feelings, more so, children can be very demanding.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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