Man Arriving UK From Nigeria Tested For Ebola



A man has been tested for Ebola in the UK – increasing fears over the threat posed to Britain from the deadly disease. He was tested at a hospital in Birmingham after arriving back in the UK from Nigeria via Paris. Fortunately the man was given the all-clear after tests, the reports, but the scare has sharpened focus on the possible spread of the virus to Britain. Meanwhile, doctors fear Ebola victim Patrick Sawyer may have sparked a worldwide spread of the killer disease after being allowed on two flights while infected.And tonight a desperate race was on to find dozens of passengers who flew on the same jets as the 40-year-old American. British doctors and border officials have been warned to be on the lookout for people in the UK showing signs of the disease. Mr Sawyer was allowed to board an ASKY Airlines flight in Liberia, where Ebola is rife, despite vomiting and suffering from ­diarrhoea. His sister was recently killed by the virus. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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