Man kills 23-year old prostitute for not satisfying him Sexually


Zimbabwe-ProstituteA 31-year-old Zimbabwean man, Tafadzwa Zendamaoko, has been arrested and charged to court for killing a 23-year old prostitute, Miriam Kugara, because she did not satisfy him sexually.

According to the Herald,  Zendamaoko hired the woman around 3 am at the Gora Night Club and the two went back to the woman’s house to have sex but not happy with her performance, he got angry and murdered her because she did not live up to his expectation.

During sex, the couple allegedly got into an argument and in a fit of rage, Zendamaoko threw the woman onto the floor and strangled her.

He then then stole the woman’s phone and left the home. A friend found her dead body the next day and reported to the police.

Zendamaoko who was seen the previous day when he left the clud with the woman, was traced to his home, arrested and faces charges of murder.

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