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Photos/Videos: Man Marries four women Same day to prove his Ex- wife wrong.

1 Man Marries four women Same day to prove his Ex- wife wrong. See More Photos & Video below:

Internet In Uproar When They See Disgusting Thing In Muslim's Wedding Photo

The internet is in an uproar over a photo of a Muslim groom allegedly marrying four women at one time.

For a wealthy Muslim, a wedding ceremony is often the most lavish and intriguing event, no expense spared. However, instead of the exciting decor and gorgeous fashion, viewers couldn’t help but feel outraged when they saw what’s in the wedding photo with him.

All it took for social media to erupt in a frenzy was one photo that perfectly sums up almost everything wrong with Islamic religious doctrine and law. Without very little explanation, an Islamic wedding photo shoot has sparked anger, confusion, and disgust all because of who is posing beside him in the viral picture.

The photo depicts a Muslim man dressed in Islamic attire and surrounded by four “brides” in splendid wedding gown with the caption “Kuwaiti man marries four women on the same day.” However, before anyone automatically jumps to any conclusions, we decided to get to the bottom of the scandalous snapshot.

While it appears that the lone photo originated on Twitter, there are several other accompanying pictures and even a video that delve further into the meaning behind it. Although nearly every news outlet, including Arabic media, is reporting that the 28-year-old did indeed marry the four beautiful women at the same time — but the reason behind it is perhaps the most disturbing.


Slaati News reports that the young Muslim had recently divorced and his ex-wife blasted him by saying that he’d never find another woman to marry him again. Apparently, the unidentified man took this as a challenge, proving his scorned ex wrong by taking his vows with four lovely young women in one day. reports that the reason the 28-year-old managed to snag four attractive young ladies may have been due to an alleged $136,000 dowry and an extra $27,000 to consummate the marriage for each of his new brides. The Arabic magazine adds that the groom was successful in taking “revenge for his manhood.”

Still, there is much speculation surrounding the photos and video. Several Muslim social media users claim that the woman with the white bouquet is the bride but the other three women are bridesmaids. They back up their allegation by explaining that the three with colorful flowers are simply modeling expensive fashion wedding dresses due to the lavish nature of the ceremony.

This seems possible, since the woman with the white bouquet is nearest to the groom in all of the photos and footage. However, there just one thing that doesn’t quite add up.

Internet In Uproar When They See Disgusting Thing In Muslim's Wedding Photo

While the woman with the white bouquet appears closest to the groom in all photos, he proudly displays four fingers over his heart.

The most suspicious detail lies in the first photo, which depicts the groom placing four fingers over his heart. It appears as a symbol of his four “loves” and their one union. Still, it is unclear if the man really did wed all four beauties at the same time or at all. However, when we examine the Islamic theology, a confirmation should come as no surprise.

Polygamy is a basic fundamental of Islam, just like jizya (heavy tax on religious minorities) or Hijrah (Islamic migration to establish Sharia). Because Allah stated inQuran 33:21 that Muhammad is the exemplar for Muslims, worshipers are encouraged to do what their prophet did in order to be considered devout.

Although young Muhammad had already married a wealthy elderly widow, his insatiable lust could not be quelled. He would go on to marry another eleven wives but his favorite was his 9-year-old child bride. When Muhammad was 53, he convinced his companion Abu Bakr to hand over his 6-year-old daughter Aisha in marriage. As gracious as a pedophile can be, the Messenger of Allah waited just 3 years before having sex with her.

Although the self-proclaimed prophet was allowed twelve wives and countless other concubines and sex slaves, the regulations for his followers are slightly different. While Muslims (men only) are allowed to take up to 4 wives, they can still fulfill their depraved desires with as many sex slaves as they want. This was made clear when Muhammad quoted his approval in Quran 4:24 after his men asked him if it was forbidden toimpregnate their newly captured women.

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