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Man Narrates His Tragic Ordeal In Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

ComputerVillage-1 Man Narrates His Tragic Ordeal In Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria: Yesterday I was at Computer Village to return a Samsung phone I had bought with factory defect. After being ‘allotted’ a parking slot by a tout for an agreed fee of N500, I quickly made my way to Slot, promising to be back in quarter an hour.

Half an hour later, I returned to the car in the heavy afternoon rain. I met 2 men at the car- the tout and another thickset man with well-trimmed mustache.
“Don’t you know you blocked my car?”
“I am very sorry sir,” I said, “…but…” I looked at the tout like ‘you-could-have-taken-my-number-knowing-that-this-car-would-be-going-out-soon’. The tout looked away.

I apologized again and opened the car door.

“You can’t go anywhere, young man. I already deflated your tyre.”

Wow! I checked the tyres- 3 of the 4 tyres had been deflated!
I went to Mr. Moustache and apologized again. “Just give me a minute sir, let me find a ‘fuckernizer’.”

I picked my phone to reschedule all my appointments for the evening. I opened the car boot, took off my loafers and changed into my rain boots. I picked the umbrella and hit the street.

I stopped the first ‘agbero’ I met on the street. “Bros abeg where I fit find correct pounded yam and egusi for this area?”

45min Later, I returned to the car trying to look as sorry as possible.

I was surprised to find the tyres re-inflated! Standing by the car was Mr. Mustache and a man dressed in green overall with yellow cuffs- a vulcanizer. They were both wet to their boxers.

“Oga where you con go since na? Don’t you know I have somewhere to go?”

“Ah sorry sir, na ‘fuckernizer’ I dey find!”

“No worry, I don find one for you, just pay am make you dey go.”

“Thanks sir. Once again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

**** By the way, you might wanna try the pounded yam place I visited. Enter Computer Village from Oba Akran (beside bridge), turn left off Otigba Street at the Container Police Post. The shop is by the right. Thank me later. ****

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