Mariah Carey Doesn’t Know The Most Photographed Women In The World

    Mariah Carey doesn’t know one of the most photographed women in the world? Yeah right, Nick, Tell that to the marines out in the sea. Even those ones know who Kim Kardashian is. Nick was on The Howard Stern radio show yesterday Wednesday March 2nd to defend his going on Power 106 radio show last week to list names of five famous women he has slept with (See that here) and during his interview, Nick claimed Mariah doesn’t know who Kim K is. She doesn’t even know who Kim Kardashian  is. She doesn’t pay attention to that. She doesn’t care when I talk about our sex life because our sex life is amazing,’ he told Stern. Nick also said Mariah wasn’t impressed that he listed the names of his conquests, and claims he also regretted it. he also said “I thought I was being coy and cunning by naming someone or people that I actually was in a relationship with. The world knew these, these weren’t like names that, you know, I pulled out of a hat these are people you’ve seen me on red carpets with, engaged, in love and all of that stuff, so wasn’t like it was new information. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>
    “You know sometimes, as my wife says, sometimes I should just keep my big mouth shut.’ Nick said
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