Mariah Carey Strolls Round New York In A Glitzy Ball gown



Superstar Mariah Carey decided to humor her exacting reputation by taking to the streets of New York, proving she could master taking all forms of public transports, whilst still dressed in a glamorous gown and towering heels.  In a series of short clips the 44-year-old singer posted on her Vine account, she can be seen crossing the road, accepting compliments off passersby, riding on the subway, and taking a yellow taxi. Mariah can be seen poking fun at her glamorous appearance: ‘I figured as I’m under dressed I might as well take the subway’, putting on her shades and hitching up her ball gown to cross a zebra crossing.  In the next shot she skips and twirls across the road singing behind her: ‘it is what it is’. Next the Hero singer draws attention to the impracticality of her chosen commuting attire: ‘so this is like, I’m stepping all over this dress and I thought it could have been a good idea’.The Heartbreaker singer finished her mini Vine documentary of her venture into public transport with two Instagram snaps captioning a shot of her sitting on an orange plastic chair.

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