Marriage Suddenly Goes Sour: New Couples Shares Experience




Marriage Suddenly Goes Sour: New Couples Shares Experience

Good day,

I am currently puzzled and would appreciate it if my story as written below: I would like to hear what the readers has to say and know how I can make changes…

After marriage I was expecting we would be fun but it turns out not to be that much fun, it’s actually so boring considering the fact that we dated for about 2 years and decided to get hitched. We’ve only been married for a few months. We are both still very young (in our mid 20s) and we should be able to enjoy each other, explore and do the silly things we used to do before marriage. I love to try something new, sexually and in everything else life brings, I love challenges too and not scared to face whatever it is.

He thinks I’m just too much especially when I suggest trying something new to spice up our sexual and marital life; when I suggest going out for dinner, he thinks we wasting money, alright let’s see a movie… he’s reluctant and when we go I mostly do the paying.

How about going clubbing like we used to do? He prefers to go alone with his boys, he thinks going on holiday is boring without his friends being around (that really gets under my skin!). But then I make sure his meals are perfectly cooked, ready at the right time, make him meals he’s never had… I get compliments on my cooking all the time (not to brag) but never from him until I ask, “Honey how is/was the food?”    SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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