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Matt Mackowiak Shares His thoughts on the Gold Star family’s comments and Trump’s response:

MattMackowiak Matt Mackowiak Writes: My thoughts on the Gold Star family’s comments and Trump’s response:

This should be unnecessary to say, but in public life, any criticism from gold star families is legitimate and deserves to be heard.160728203220-cnnee-convencion-democrata-khizr-khan-large-169Khizr Khan, with his wife Ghazala

The religion of the gold star family is irrelevant. Their gave the last full measure of patriotism to us. A debt that can’t be repaid.

Whether the mother spoke at the DNC Convention is irrelevant. Maybe she was nervous. Maybe the husband spoke for both of them. Who cares.

There is only one response for Trump to the criticism: “As an American, I deeply appreciate the patriotic sacrifice of the Khan family.”

The urge to “hit back” at every critic must stop somewhere. If not Gold Star families, then where? Orphans? Priests? Lepers?

The urge to spew an anti-Muslim dog whistle at the Khan family is vile. Subhuman. Evil. It was meant to invalidate the criticism.

What if the wife spoke & not the husband? Would that have mattered to Trump? It doesn’t matter which parent spoke. It was from the family.

This latest crisis is an existential threat to Trump. Is staff going to stand by him? Why would he make Khan story bigger? It’s insane.

Trump is proving that Hillary’s criticism of his temperament has merit. He can’t even pretend when lashing out was predicted. Took bait.

I’m as conservative as anyone. I care deeply about SCOTUS, destroying ISIS, tax reform, spending. But this is a question of character.

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