May7ven-at-the-NELAWARDS-2012-3Sexy singer May7ven is the pretty daughter of Nigerian ex international, Segun Odegbami. The UK based pop diva was recently in Nigeria to promote her newly released song, ‘What Ya Feeling’ which was produced by Ty Mix. She gladly spoke on her relationship with Tiwa Savage, and other female acts.

You made an entry into music a few years back, and then you went away, and now you are back, what have you brought back?
You left a lot out, I didn’t just make an entry and leave, I made an entry, then I came back, went on tours, then I left and came back again (smiles). I don’t live in Nigeria, and I made a conscious effort that I wasn’t going to stay here at that point, because I see the bigger picture than just putting out music here, being local and not doing anything outside Nigeria. So, while some people decided to stay here, I felt someone had to keep flying the Nigerian flag in the UK and now you can see the proof that we are getting played on daytime radio in the UK, people like myself, D’banj, Fuse ODG and Wizkid all get daytime airplay on London ra­dio stations. It’s a bigger agenda than just be­ing a Nigerian artiste resident in UK. I have a team, PR company and booking agent in UK, my foot is firm on ground in UK and that’s what I intend to replicate here in Nigeria. The reason I’m back here is because I’ve done what I can in UK, they know me there, they know the music, now is the time to show the Nigeri­an community what I can do as well.

You recently dropped a new song, let’s talk about it?
Yea, I dropped a song called ‘what ya Feeling’ produced by a Nigerian producer Ty Mix. We recorded the song in April. With this song, I want to hit people soft, and not come out hard straight away, I just decided to bring out a melodic side of me with this song, and it’s been well received so far, no negative comments.

Going forward, what should we expect from you?
The next song would be ‘Work’ with a banging video as well. It’s a huge dance track and the singing is pretty awesome too.

Since you’ve been away, a lot of new female acts have taken over, so why would I want to, listen to your songs?
My songs doesn’t sound like any other song you’ve heard in the Nigerian market, apart from my vocals being unique, my style is very different too, I tend to do music that’s 3 years ahead of his time, all my songs from 3 years ago are still relevant today. My new songs now are futuristic too. I don’t want to look or sound like any other female artists and that why my hair is ‘White’, I don’t dress like anyone of them, so by just meeting me, you’ll already see the uniqueness and when you dig in you’ll be more impressed.

Do you feel threatened by any of the female artistes on ground now?



Not necessarily, because in other for survival there has to be many of us involved, I never see it as a competition, I know when I started, I know why a lot of females are now here. The likes of Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage were all with me in London when I did ‘Bo Aso Lara mi’, so I influenced majority of them to be doing what they are doing now. There always has to be a leader, someone who starts and creates things, and that’s how I see myself al­ready. So the style I’m doing now, I guarantee you in another two years you’ll find another set of Tiwa Savage doing what I’m doing. I’ve always been an innovator and you can inter­view any of them, they’ll tell you the same thing. So they maybe threatened that I’m around and not the other way round..

You said you once managed Tiwa savage?
Yea, we grew up together. She was in my younger sister’s class, I’m a year older than both of them and there was this competition we were part I was 12 years old at the time, and I managed the group and sang with them as well, we were five girls in the group and we came out joint winners with a male group. I managed the group till we were about 16. I have everything on film and one day I’ll pos­sibly leak the videos (laughs), but I remem­ber Tiwa was always singing, out of all of us, she sang the most while I was more focused on singing and dancing at the same time, she’s always been passionate about music.

How would you describe your relationship with her now?
We still talk; when I’m in town I call her, when she’s in London they come to see me. We are not tight as in calling ourselves every day, the music business we are in doesn’t allow us to do that, but we are still cool, I’m her older sister..  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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