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Video/Photos: Meet The Baby Elephant Who Loves to Hug/Romance Tourists


Tourists in Thailand always love baby elephants, but sometimes it can be the other way around! Nampuu, a baby elephant, has become a star attraction at the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand for his affection for people. The playful Nampuu, whose name means “fountain” in Thai, loves to cuddle so much that he always does it with tourists.

Nampuu only weighed 148 pounds when he was born, well under the 220 pounds of most newborn elephants. He is supervised by his mother, Ploy, and the farm who keeps an eye on him while playing with the tourists. Who knows how he’ll act when he grows up!12963428_1185596384814513_6724150789697461253_n 13000086_1185596374814514_7730885057226769265_n 12961693_1185596424814509_6682727084647530597_n

Watch Video Below:

Photo Credit: People’s Daily


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