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Meet Kannywood Hausa Movie Actress Rahama Sadau (aka Priyanka)

wpid-screenshot_2015-03-06-11-51-272-jpg Kannywood is a hub for multi-talented actors and actresses with new faces being signed in every now and then. This time around is a cute and charming Rahama Sadau (aka Priyanka) from the beautiful city of Kaduna. Unlike many actors and actresses who play several minor roles before making a breakthrough, Rahama was lucky enough to play the lead role in her debut movie Gani Ga Wane.

Kannywood had the chance to catch up with her in an interview during the shoot of Gani Ga Wane in spite of her busy hours on set.

Below is the excerpt:

First of all, can you tell us about yourself please?

Well, I’m Rahama Sadau from Kaduna State, I earned a diploma in Business Administration from KadPoly and currently living with my parent.

So what inspired you to join Kannywood Movie Industry?

Acting is one of my dreams, I always dream to see me one day on set.. So it has been my ambition to join the entertainment industry.

How did you finally get into the Industry? Did you face any challenges from parent, family members or friends?

Yes of course! I suffered for a year now. My Mum didn’t really want me to do it, but after all the hurdles I went through, she finally agreed to it.

Did you get any encouraging words from family members or friends then?

So far concerned; my dreams, my expectations and my ambitions are all my problems. Alhamdulillah everyone is in support of it.

We understand that Gani Ga Wane is your debut movie which is still in the making, what role are you playing there?

I’m the leading actress of Gani Ga Wane, alongside the wizkid director and actor Ali Nuhu.

How can you describe your first experience on set?

It was fabulously great! It’s a new experience of my life.twimg-20141207-125114


Though this is your first time on Kannywood movies, were you involved in any form of Drama Production Clubs back then in school? Nope, never did that in school.

Though you’re just starting, where do you see yourself in some few years to come?

A better star, I want to check out myself and be amazed too.

Who are currently your favourite Kannywood stars and or role models?

Ali Nuhu and Zainab Indomie.

Do you see Kannywood Industry competing with their counterparts like Nollywood?

I think this happens in industries all over the world and not just Kannywood.. So it’s not actually something new.

Can you tell us about your relationship status? (wink)

I’m single, trying to make a concrete relationship with my career (winks back).

You’ve been watching Kannywood movies long before you joined the industry, what do you think needs to be improved generally?

Almost everything in life wants to move on. So far joining the industry, I’ll suggest the government to

put hand please.

How do you feel like working with top Kannywood figures like Ali Nuhu?

It’s a dream come true after all the struggles I had wanting to work with him.. It’s now a reality. Actually I feel highly overwhelmed.

That’s nice (smiles). Very very nice indeed!

In the end, what words do you have for those wishing to join the industry in the near future?

If you really want to do it, just go for it. It’s a great job, so very interesting!

Thank you so much Rahama and this is all there is to it for now, we really appreciate your timewith us. We also wish you every bit of success in your career. Thank you so much too

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