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Meet Kannywood’s top five most stylish actors and actresses, based on photographs on ​their ​social media​ platforms.​

Fashion has in recent times taken the centre stage among actors and actresses in the Kannywood movie industry.

According to one analyst and movie promoter in the industry, Hassana Dalhat, “It is like a competition now. Actors and actresses are always on their Instagram pages sharing pictures of their new looks”.

Meet Kannywood’s top five most stylish actors and actresses, based on photographs recently displayed by the artistes on their social media platforms.

kannywood 1. Rahama Sadau – The elegant actress is no doubt the industry’s number one when it comes to fashion sense.

A relatively newcomer in Kannywood, Rahama has displayed the most stylish images of herself on her Instagram page, @Rahama Sadau.


Rahama owns a bbeauty shop in Kaduna. Some of her outstanding movies include Ana wata Ga wata and Sabuwar Sangaya.

2. Maryam Booth – Maryam Booth is unarguably one super actress who is making waves at the moment in Kannywood. She stands out in terms of fashion and general look.



Maryam is the daughter of veteran Kannywood actress, Zainab Booth. One of her notable movies is Gani GaKa

3. Nafisa Abdullahi – The 2016 Kannywood Best Actress of the Year is also a unique fashion freak. A natural beauty, she is not known for heavy make-ups like others, yet stands out with her unique fashion style.


4. Adam Zango – Adam Zango is rated as the most fashionable male actor in Kannywood.

According to Hassana Dalhat, “Anytime you see Adam Zango he is looking good and well-dressed. The multi-talented Adam Zango could be such because he also double as a musician and you know musicians like fashion”.

His images tell more about him @AdamZango.

Adam Zango  combined All

5. Fati Washa – Fati also has many beautiful photographs on her Instagram wall. @FatiWasha

Fati Washa combined All

Some actors to also watchout for on the fashion reel include Nuhu Abdullahi, Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani, Hadiza Gabon and Halima Ateteh.

Source: Premium Times

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