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Who is Bukunmi Oluwasina? Meet Yoruba Movie Actress Bunkunmi Olwuwashina In This Exclusive Interview:

ayomi A lot might not know about this wonder lady of the movie and music industry who is multi talented in her acts. A songstress, actor, script writer, sound track composer and producer to mention a few, who has produced one of the most anticipated movies in the industry presently, yet very young.
BIOGRAPHY:Bukunmi Oluwasina was Born early 1990s the 3rd born in a family of 7. Hails from Ekiti state (Oke-Imesi). A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. Department of dramatic art. She is a Movie producer, an actress, A musician, A playwright and also into modelling.

The fast rising Actress and movie maker produced one of the most popular and mind blowing movie titled “AYOMI”. She has been featured in a lot of movies which includes Modebi olami, Eniitan, Test, Excursion and many more. She has written several movie’s scripts which includes; Ayomi, A story like Mine, Oluwere and others.

Here, she has taken time out from her busy schedule to let you know in this exclusive interview:
 ‘‘When one is passion driven, nothing can look too tasking to achieve and to me, the world is too shot and large to be just one thing ’’ photo

Video: See Her Trending AYOMI movie Trailer Below:

Songstress and Movie producer Oluwashina Bukunmi discloses in an interview:

Read Excerpt Below:

Interviewer: Miss Bukunmi, we heard you are the producer of the trending AYOMI movie, how true is
Bukunmi: Fortunately, yes. Very true.
Interviewer: : When exactly was this movie shot and where?
Bukunmi: The movie was shot last year, late June into early July 2014. It was shot at Lagos. Omota
to be precise.
Interviewer: From our findings, we gathered that your movie Ayomi is currently trending on Ibaka TV, and one of the most anticipated in the industry presently. Are you aware of these?
Bukunmi: All thanks to God. I’m aware and I‘m very happy about it.
Interviewer: Has it been put in for any award yet?
Bukunmi: Being busy with school then didn’t give me enough time to be doing some running about the movie, but sure will submit for few awards now that I’m done with school and can do few
many things at a time.
Reporter: How true is it that you partnered with Pepsi and Vivas for the premiere of Ayomi?
Bukunmi: Yea. like our people do say, two heads or more are better than one. We successfully achieved
the premiere, courtesy Pepsi, courtesy Vivas, courtesy AVF. Together we accomplished it,
and it’s a memorable one. All thanks to God.
Reporter: Do you know that your movie Ayomi from our findings is the only Yoruba movie to have been at Viva Cinema?
Bukunmi: Hmmm, I was told by so many people who have been to the cinema to see the movie recently. I never knew but they made me know…thanks to God and everyone who has
contributed positively to the movie one way or the other. Without you, there wouldn’t have
been me here.img_20160219_205801
Reporter: As the producer, how easy was it for you to write the script, play the lead role, and still do
the sound track?
Bukunmi: Well, I can do all things, through Christ that strengthens me. Another thing is, when one is
passion driven, nothing can look too tasking to achieve and to me, the world is too shot and
large to be just one thing. So, we are too opportune to be just a thing…Be everything you
believe you can be.
Reporter: Are you in any relationship?
Bukunmi: Yesurl
Reporter:But as usual, are you dating anyone in the industry?
Bukunmi: NO. NOT ONE. I don’t mix work with pleasure.
Reporter: We read a lot of comments within and outside the country from your fans who have seen the
movie online, most of them requesting for the soundtrack of Ayomi as it was soothing to them listening to it in the movie. Can you share the soundtrack and possibly the lyrics
with them?
Bukunmi: Hmnm. Well, if not for any reason, for the sake of my fans, I will pretty soon. Probably few
days to the release date
Reporter: You said Ayomi was shot in late june into early july 2014 but our findings reveals that
you were still an undergraduate then. How did you go about this?
Bukunmi: I wouldn’t lie to you. It was really really stressful at school. Then it was even close to my final year. I had a lot on ground at school, thanks to God; He taught me how to manage my time. One thing I have gotten to learn about life is that too many people complain about time saying there is no time, but the truth is, show me a woman that knows how to manage her time, and i will show you a man who can achieve anything.
Reporter: What were the challenges you faced in the course of shooting this movie?
Bukunmi: Nothing much that we couldn’t handle; I worked with fantastic actors who took me as a
daughter, a kid sis and friend. Mummy joke Muyiwa, Gabriel Afolayan, Damola Olatunji… I can’t keep mentioning names. mehn! You rock. All cast and crew were awesome. And the
director (Muyedeen Oladapo) he really stood by me through the thick and thin. I really appreciate him a lot.
Reporter: How do you feel about the huge success this movie of yours has recorded?
Bukunmi: I can’t even explain how I feel. I just think God loves me much more than i deserve and I will always feel indebted and grateful to Him.
Reporter: When will the movie be released into the market? A lot of people can’t wait to see this
much anticipated movie.
Bukunmi: The movie will finally be released into the market on the 21st of this month of September
Reporter: Before we go, we heard you just released a hit single titled N.O.M.B which is already in a
Wale Applause Mixtape?
Bukunmi: It’s still all about grace, time management and making moves on every aspect of what I can
do. Music and acting are like two sides of my coin.
Reporter: How do you combine these businesses of script writing, acting, soundtrack making,
producing and singing in both the film and music industry?
Bukunmi:Seriously, a lot of people do ask me this same question. Well, the thing is, things we do at times may have some hidden reasons than trying to earn a living. Sometimes it could be for the reason being something we have always being dreaming of doing while growing up, looking forward to the day we will live in the reality of our dreams and be who we have always wanted to be. That’s the strength that
keeps us growing and taking too many steps at a time. I’m in love with what I do.
Reporter: Shout outs?
Bukunmi: Shout out to my family, the Oluwasinas, Olubumi, Lala, Oyebode Damilare, Adekaz, Damola
Olatunji, Gabriel Afolayan,Wale Applause, Twinny, Bogunbe, Tfamous, Aishat Lawal, Toyin Aimaku Johnson, Tyemmy, Phemix, all my classmates as an undergraduate, all cast and crew of Ayomi and all my friends and fans out there. Thank you all for your love and support. Without God and you, there is no me. You rock. Bless up.


  • I love bukunmi oluwashina so much I love her music and all her movies I love her so much I will love to see her face to face my best movie on her is the new show called beautiful song.i love that show I keep watching it over and over again.she have the most beautiful voice ever . I just wish I can see her.that my wish in this all life and I wish on my birthday that I should see bukunmi oluwashina face to face in Jesus name Amen.i love you bukunmi oluwashina.

  • Bukumi, you too much, may Almighty God will continue to be with you, bless you, guide you and put more Grace to your elbow
    All weapons fashion against you shall not be prosper

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