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Meet/See The List of Hausa Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers…

kanny The Hausa-language cinema, also known as Hausa Cinema or Kannywood is the largest film industry in Northern Nigeria. It is mainly based in Kano.

Like its people, the film-makers in Nigeria are divided largely along regional, and marginally ethnic and religious, lines. Thus, there are distinct film industries – each seeking to portray the concern of the particular section and ethnicity it represents. Although the films produced in the South mostly use English, the use of Pidgin-English, a creole form of English developed in the south has made southern films largely unattractive. The few ones rendered in the local language also hardly attracts much attention

Kannywood is the sobriquet for the Hausa language cinema. It is a part of the larger Nigerian cinema, known as Nollywood, which includes other production centres producing films in many other Nigerian languages.

The name “Kannywood” is a portmanteau derived from Kano and Hollywood, the center of the American film industry.

“Kannywood” has origins in the 1990s, when Sunusi Shehu of Tauraruwa Magazine created the term Kannywood and then it became the popular reference term for the industry.

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Photo ↓ Name Occupation(s) Age
img: abba_el_mustapha.jpg Abba El-Mustapha Actor
img: abba_m_yusuf.jpg Abba M. Yusuf Actor, Producer
img: abbas_sadiq.jpg Abbas Sadiq Actor, Director, Producer
img: abdul_m_sharif.jpg Abdul M Shariff Actor
img: abdullahi4real.jpg Abdullahi 4real Actor
img: baballe_hayatu.jpg Abubakar Baballe Hayatu Actor, Producer
img: abubakar-dan-auta.jpg Abubakar Dan Auta Actor, Comedian
abubakar_iliyasu Actor
img: adamazango.jpg Adam A. Zango Actor
img: ahmad_ali_nuhu.jpg Ahmad Ali Nuhu Child Actor
img: al-amin_buhari.jpg Al-Amin Buhari Actor
img: ali_nuhu.jpg Ali Nuhu Actor, Director 42
img: 186154_100002316228545_1715660_n.jpg Aminu Baba Ari Actor, Comedian
img: actor-aminushariff.jpg Aminu Shariff Actor, TV Show Host 35
img: baban_chinedu.jpg Baban Chinedu Comedian, Actor
Bashir Nayaya Actor
img: daushe.jpg Rabiu Daushe Actor
img: hamisu_iyantama.jpg Hamisu Lamido Iyantama Actor, Producer, Director 45
img: ibrahim-daddy-225x300.jpg Ibrahim Daddy Actor
img: actor-ibrahimmaishunku.jpg Ibrahim Maishunku Actor
img: hausa_actor_isa_bello_ja.jpg Isa Bello Ja Actor
img: isah_feroz_khan.jpg isah_feroz_khan Actor
img: kabiru_nakwango.jpg Kabiru Nakwango Actor
img: lawanahmed.jpg Lawan Ahmed Actor
img: muhammad_sani_idris_moda.jpg Muhammad Sani Idris Actor
img: mustapha_musty.jpg Mustapha Musty Actor
img: nuhu_abdullahi.jpg Nuhu Abdullahi Actor 26
img: nura_hussain.jpg Nura Hussain Actor, TV Show Host
img: dan_ibro.jpg Dan Ibro Actor, Comedian 44
img: rabiu_rikadawa.jpg Rabi’u Rikadawa Actor
img: sadiq_ahmad.jpg Sadiq Ahmad Actor
img: sadiq-sani-sadiq.jpg Sadiq Sani Sadiq Actor
img: sadisu_abba_sawaba.jpg Sadisu Abba Sawaba Actor
img: actor-sanidanja.jpg Sani Danja Actor, Musician 39
img: sani_muazu.jpg sani_mu_azu Director, Producer, Actor
img: shehu_hassan.jpg Shehu Hassan Kano Actor 48
img: shuaibu_lawan.jpg Shuaibu Lawan Kumurci Actor
img: actor-tyshaban.jpg t._y._shaban Actor, Musician
Tahir Fagge Actor
img: tanimu_akawu.jpg Tanimu Akawu Actor
img: tijjani_faraga.jpg Tijjani Faraga Actor
img: umar_gombe.jpg Umar Gombe Actor
Usman Baba Pategi (Samanja) Actor 71
img: yakubu-mohammad.jpg Yakubu Mohammad Musician, Director, Producer, Glo Ambassador
yusuf_b_chinedu Actor, Comedian
img: zahraddeen_sani.jpg Zahraddeen Sani Actor
img: aisha-abubakar-usman.jpg Aisha Abubakar Usman Actress 21
img: aisha_aliyu.jpg Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Actress
img: aishadankano_fim_mag.jpg Aisha Dan Kano Actress
img: hajiya-amina-garba-rip.jpg Amina Garba Actress
asamau_musa Actress
asamau_sani Actress
img: bilkisu_shema.jpg Bilkisu Wada Shema Actress
img: binta_yahaya.jpg binta_yahaya Actress
img: actress-carmenMcCain.jpg Carmen McCain Actress, Writer
img: fadila_muhammad.jpg Fadila Muhammad Actress
img: actress-fatibararoji.jpg fati_bararoji Actress
img: actress-fatikk.jpg Fati K. K. Actress 24
img: fati_ladan1.jpg Fati Ladan Actress
img: fati-macijiya-musa.jpg Fati Macijiya Musa Actress
img: fati_washa.jpg Fati Washa Actress
fatima_abdullahi Actress
img: fiddausi-idris.jpg fiddausi_idris Actress 21
img: hadiza_gabon.jpg Hadiza Gabon Actress 24
img: hadiza_muhammad.png Hadiza Muhammad Actress
img: actress-hajarausman.jpg Hajara Usman Actress
img: halima-yusuf-atete.jpg Halima Yusuf Atete Actress
img: hannatu-bashir.jpg hannatu_bashir Actress
img: hannatu_sani.jpg Hannatu Sani Actress
img: hauwa_ali_dodo.jpg Hauwa Ali Dodo Actress
hauwa_katanga Actress
img: hauwa_maina.jpg Hauwa Maina Actress
img: hauwawaraka.jpg Hauwa Waraka Actress
img: jamila_umar_nagudu.jpg Jamila Umar Nagudu Actress
img: khadijat-mustapha.png Khadijat Mustapha Actress
img: ladidi-fagge.jpg ladidi_fagge Actress
img: ladidi_tubless.jpg Ladidi Tubeless Actress
img: actress_lubabatu_madaki.png Lubabatu Madaki Actress
img: mansura_isah.jpg Mansura Isah Actress
img: maryam_abdullahi.jpg Maryam Abdullahi Actress
img: maryam_booth.jpg Maryam Booth Actress 20
img: maryam_gidado_babban_yaro.jpg Maryam Gidado Babban Yaro Actress
img: maryam-haruna-yarmaye.jpg Maryam Haruna Ibrahim Actress
img: maryam_magarya.jpg Maryam Magarya Actress 19
img: maryam_muhammad_malika.jpg Maryam Malika Actress
img: maryam-umar-aliyu-fim.jpg maryam_umar_aliyu Actress
img: 203017_100002438207312_6616082_n.jpg Nafisat Abdullahi Actress 24
img: rahama_hassan.jpg Rahama Hassan Actress
img: rahma_sadau.jpeg Rahama Sadau Actress 22
img: ramla_alrahuz.jpg Ramla Al-Rahuz Actress
img: rashida_adamu.jpg rashida_adamu Actress
img: rukayya_umar.jpg rukayya_umar Actress
img: actress-sadiyagyale.jpg Sadiya Gyale Actress
safiya_ahmed Actress
img: safiya_musa.jpg Safiya Musa Actress 27
img: saima_mohammed.jpg Saima Mohammed Actress
img: samira_ahmad.jpg Samira Ahmad Actress
img: actress-saratugidado.jpg Saratu Gidado Actress
img: ummi_zee-zee.jpg Ummi Ibrahim Usman (Zee-Zee) Actress, Singer
zainab_ahmad Actress
img: zainab_ahmed.png Zainab Ahmed Producer, Actress
img: zainab_booth.jpg Zainab Booth Actress
img: zainab_idris.jpg zainab_idris Actress, Producer
img: zainab_indomie.jpg Zainab Indomie Actress 26
img: zainab_muhammed_thumb.jpg zainab_muhammed Actress
ali_dansanda Producer
auwalu_kabir_indabawa Cameraman
img: ali_gumzak.jpg Ali Gumzak Director
img: aminu_saira.jpg Aminu Saira Director
img: bala_anas_babinlata.jpg Bala Anas Babinlata Director
img: balarabe_murtala_baharu.jpg Balarabe Murtala Baharu Director
img: bello_galadanchi.jpeg Bello Habeeb Galadanchi Director, Writer, Journalist, Producer 25
img: 41407_100001219206819_3209487_n.jpg Falalu A. Dorayi Director, Producer
img: hafizu_bello.jpg Hafizu Bello Director
img: hassan_giggs.jpg Hassan Giggs Director
img: ishaq_sidi_ishaq.jpg Ishaq Sidi Ishaq Director, Actor
img: kamal_s._alkali.jpg Kamal S. Alkali Director
img: kenneth_gyang.jpg Kenneth H. Gyang Director
img: mansoor_saddiq.jpg Mansoor Saddiq Director, Actor
img: nasiru_muhammad.jpg Nasiru B. Muhammad Director, Writer
img: sadiq_n._mafia.jpg Sadiq N. Mafia Director
img: 5710293884_cd2fe22815.jpg Salisu T. Balarabe Director
img: salisu_mu_azu.png Salisu Mu’azu Director, Producer
img: 5709727171_7b0e802675.jpg salisu_umar_santa Director
usman_adam Director
img: yasin_auwal.jpeg Yasin Auwal Director
img: abduljabbar.jpg Abduljabbar Ahmed Editor, Director
img: albasha_grafix.jpg Albasha Grafix Producer, Graphics Specialist
ibrahim_bala_ibaya Musician
img: ali_jita.jpg Ali Jita Musician
img: nazifi_asnanic.jpeg Nazifi Asnanic Musician, Producer 28
img: ziriums.jpg Nazir Ahmed Hausawa (Ziriums) Sound Engineer, Musician, Producer, Actor 35
2 Effects Empire Producer
img: abba_miko_yakasai.jpg Abba Miko Yakasai Producer
img: ahmad_sarari.jpg ahmad_sarari Producer
img: arewa24logo.jpg AREWA24 Producer, Production House, TV Channel
img: auwalu_muhammed_danlarabawa.jpg Auwalu Muhammed Danlarabawa Producer, Actor, Director
bala_anas_babinlata Screen Writer, Producer, Director
balarabe_murtala Screen Writer, Producer, Director
img: 5709729993_d6d63003e7.jpg bello_a._baffancy Producer
img: dorayi_entertainment_logo.png Dorayi Entertainment Producer, Production House
FKD Production Producer, Production House
img: gambo_usman_wase.jpg Gambo Usman Wase Producer
Hali Dubu Movies Producer
img: husayn_zaguru.jpg Husayn Zagaru AbdulQadir Director, Writer, Editor, Producer
Ibrahim Jika Director, producer, editor, set designer and a local promoter
Kumbo Productions Producer, Production House
muntari_isa Production Manager, Producer, Director
img: naziru_dan_hajiya.jpg Naziru Dan Hajiya Producer
Saira Movies Producer, Production House
sulaiman_abubakar Producer, Director, Editor
img: tijjani_asase.jpg Tijjani Asase Actor, Producer
UK Entertainment Producer, Production House
Umar S. K. Mazugali Producer
Usman Mu’azu Producer
img: salisu_s_fulani.jpg salisu_fulani Actor
khalid_musa Screen Writer
img: 4184920542_0355e40b8f.jpg nazir_adam_salih Scriptwriter, Novelist
img: writer_fauziya_d_sulaiman.png Fauziya D. Sulaiman Writer


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