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Melbourne, Australia ranked As The world’s most liveable city for sixth consecutive year by EIU

6836972-3x2-700x467Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city for a sixth consecutive year, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

World’s most liveable cities

Rank Rating
Melbourne 1 97.5
Vienna 2 97.4
Vancouver 3 97.3
Toronto 4 97.2
Calgary 5 96.6
Adelaide 5 96.6
Perth 7 95.9

The EIU index scores 140 of the world’s major cities in healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure.

Melbourne scored 97.5 out of 100, one basis point more than Austria’s Vienna.

Canada’s Vancouver and Toronto ranked third and fourth respectively.

Adelaide was rated equal fifth most liveable city, tied with Calgary, Canada.

Perth ranked seventh, while Sydney — ranked seventh last year — dropped out of the top 10 due to a “heightened perceived threat of terrorism,” according to the report’s summary.

‘Best decision I’ve ever made’

While Melbourne is well known for its coffee, restaurants, night-life and love of sport, locals and tourists agree that the city has other charms.

Terry Georgiou, who lives in Mentone in Melbourne’s south-east, moved from the UK with his family about 13 years ago.

“I came over with a wife, two boys — who were one and three — a stroller, 162 kilograms of luggage, no job, no house, no family and no friends,” he said.

“Now, I view it as the best decision I’ve ever made.

“My family is very, very settled. The kids are very happy, the wife’s happy.”

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

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