Men Will Cheat On Any Of These 10 Types Of Women


133Many women actually believe every man cheats and so have come to the conclusion that, “All men are the same,” but it’s not every man that cheats, there are some men who are just not into the habit of cheating but some women actually push them into it with the way they treat them or their behavior, forcing them to jump into the hands of another woman.

Unfortunately, as human as we are, nobody wishes to accept blame and so we find women on all platforms trying to make the whole world believe that men are natural cheats but never mention what they do that makes men cheat. They are always the perfect side, “men are just not satisfied and that’s why they cheat” is the phrase that comes from women all the time.

Women need to know among them, those who men are likely to cheat on based on their character or behavior, so we compiled a list of types of women that men are likely to cheat on and here are 10 of them:



 Disrespectful Women

Men naturally have ego problems and if you’re the kind of woman who is really disrespectful, it insults a man’s ego and so if he finds a woman who worships and gives him that maximum respect, we are sorry to say, he’s going to move with her.

Your man may love you deeply, but if you don’t respect him as a man and always treat him as trash, he’s likely to cheat on you. This includes women who always want a man to know she knows her right and wants the man to bow to her and also insults and speaks trash to him in public. If it goes on for a long time, he might not say a word, but he will definitely find a woman who treats him like a King and drop you like hot coal.

Nagging Women

Every woman nags but there are some women who are just outrageous, totally out of this world and can even make a man go crazy. They nag so much they can even follow you to your work place to continue with it.

If you know you are that type of woman, then at one point in time, he’s likely to cheat on you. Usually, when a woman nags to the point where her man finds it uncontrollable, he tries to find a place where he can have his peace of mind and so when the opportunity presents itself, he’s definitely going to give it a nod.

Overly Jealous Women

It’s normal to be jealous over the person you love, for even the God we serve is a jealous God, so this means jealousy is part of us. But though we have God, there are still smaller gods around, we don’t see God with all His might sending down fire and brimstone on all the other gods to burn them into ashes.

Some women are just too jealous and will go about fighting any woman who gets close to their boyfriend or husband. They even sometimes end up fighting the man’s sister or mother, they ruin everything for the man, both at home and at work. There’s no peace of mind in the house.

With such women, what happens is that, you usually find them sneaking into the man’s phone, trousers, shoes, etc. searching for evidence that do not exist. If you know you are a woman who is into such behavior, then you should know you’re calling more harm unto yourself than good. When you keep doing that and the man is the type who doesn’t cheat or hasn’t cheated yet, what happens is, he will decide to cheat to fulfill your wish and constant accusations. It’s like calling an innocent person a criminal, it gets to a point, they really commit the crime.

Women With Vaginal Or Body Odor

If you’re unlucky to have this condition and lucky to have a boyfriend or husband, then we advice you get treatment fast and quick. If you still have it and it has gotten to the point of “husband and wife”, then count yourself very lucky but do not rest on your oars, because he might love you but will cheat just to get some breathing space.

If you stink down there or on your body, then you should know it will be easy for a woman who smells good to snatch your man because men love women who smell good. So if you have this problem, the likelihood he will cheat on you is very high.


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