Mercy Johnson-Okojie Now Heavily Pregnant With Her Second Child




10347419_10152077232892143_7679919270158200931_nMercy Johnson-Okojie Now Heavily Pregnant With Her Second Child, When it comes to hard work, then you can give it to Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson who despite her schedule, still creates time for her family.  Mercy who has been taking her time to put finishing touches to her movie in London, has not allowed her job to consume her time as she went on her social media page to express her motherly love for her child purity. Mercy Johnson-Okojie, pregnant with her second child, took to Instagram to demonstrate the priceless family moments and the growing baby bump.  The kogi state born actress, has explained that nothing can take her time off her family because they give her joy and they are the source of her inspiration.  The screen diva who is heavily pregnant, is expected to put to bed soon as fans and colleagues continue to wish her well and safe delivery  SEE MORE PHOTOS ON PAGE 2

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