Michael Jackson’s Mother Runs Into Debt.


    Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has been ordered by a US court to pay $800,000 to promotion company, AEG Live for costs defending the failed negligence case she brought against the concert promoter in January. MJ‘s mother had hoped for a retrial againstAEG Live when she filed a lawsuit against them claiming the company was responsible for the death of her pop star son by hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to be his personal doctor during the “This Is It” concert, but lost her bid in January. The company was cleared of liability over the2009 death of the pop star in a five-month trial last October. They had sought $1.2m (£720,000) to cover costs, but Katherine Jackson‘s lawyers claimed it was not justified. Both parties agreed not to challenge the court’s decision, but may appeal. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>

    The exact amount to be paid is expected to be finalized after AEG Live submits an amended list of its costs for items such as court filingfees and travel.AEG Live’s lawyer Marvin Putnam said the court did the right thing, “by ordering Katherine Jackson to pay nearly $1m (£600,000) spent in having to defend a matter that she should have never brought in the first place”.Mrs Jackson’s lawyer Kevin Boyle said the costs would be borne by her and the singer’s three children, all of whom are supported by his estate.

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