Mimi: My Boobs Are The Biggest in Nollywood


Mitchell Ozakpolor, fondly called Mimi is indeed busty and she feels good about it. She started acting about a decade ago. Mimi resigned from her banking job to pursue her dream in Nollywood. She said she never regretted leaving the banking world for acting. “Acting is my passion; I love it so much,” she said. In this interview speaks about her lifestyle and the qualities of her ideal man.
Don’t you think Cossy Orjiakor has the that record in Nollywood?
No, but people think she is. She is not. If I pack up my boobs the way she packs hers, to be frank people won’t walk on the street, believe me. I try to pack mine in such a way that it won’t be obvious and so that some guys won’t jump on me and start begging me to kiss them. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>

Don’t people mistake you for Cossy Orjiakor?
Yes, many times they think I’m Cossy. I don’t know her one-on-one but I respect her for her boldness and daring nature because I’m not that daring. The reason is because we are Africans; no matter how crazy you want to be, you have to remember where you are coming from. If I should meet her now, I know I don’t have any right to give her advice but I would only ask her why she loves to flaunt her boobs. Maybe there is something I need to know that I don’t know. That has made her so popular that when I go out and some people ask, is that not Cossy Orjiakor? Some people don’t like her, while others do. I tell you, she has a lot of fans because some people mistake me for her. They would be saying that is her now, na that yeye girl wey no get shame. Then I would tell them no I’m not Cossy, I’m Mimi. I don’t hate her for that. I like her because she is bold and pretty too. Remember, it’s not easy to be busty. Let her enjoy herself jare.
Why do you say it’s not easy to be busty?
It’s because not everybody has it. I have some friends, in fact, a lot of people that are begging and praying to God everyday for bigger boobs. Mine is natural although when I drink Coca-Cola often, it increases my boobs. If I drink it constantly, I would have to change my bra size because it makes my boobs get bigger. A lot of my friends did that, they drank and drank but it didn’t work for them. I tell you, it’s not easy to be busty.
Where is your tattoo?
I’m not a tattoo fan. Some ladies would put tattoo on their boobs but I don’t want to because mine is big enough to be noticed. A friend said it is bad enough that it is mighty, why do you now want to make it more obvious?
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