Misconceptions In Relationships: Greatest misconception men have about women


stephen-labossThe name Stephan Labossiere is synonymous with overcoming relationship challenges. He is a United States-based certified relationship coach, speaker and author. In this interaction, he speaks on the reasons behind successful and failed unions. Excerpts:

Greatest misconception men have about women

There are so many to choose from. The one that popped up in my mind first, is the misconception that sex is just as physical for women as it is for men. A lot of men overlook and do not understand the mental/emotional component that plays a big role for a lot of women. It leads to many issues in relationships and many women being left unsatisfied sexually.

Greatest misconception women have about men

Women believe that men don’t know what they want. In most cases, a man knows exactly what he wants. The problem is he may not feel he can be honest about it and still get it. So the lies start and confusion sets in. He seems like he doesn’t know what he wants, but the truth is he is just trying to juggle with true desire with what he needs to present to the woman in order to keep it coming.

Experience with Nigerians on relationship

My experience has been no different than with other nationalities. There may be slight variations here and there, but the core issues pretty much remain the same across the board. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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