Missing Malaysia’s Plane: US Black Box Locator Deployed


    On Missing Malaysia plane black box, Malaysia’s acting transport minister has said that US Navy deep-sea black box locator was on its way to Australia to help in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. “The American Towed Pinger Locater an instrument that can help find a black box – is currently en route to Perth and will arrive tomorrow,” said Hishammuddin Hussein. Hishammuddin said the black box locator would be installed on an Australian navy support vessel, the Ocean Shield, that is expected to arrive in several days. It is not expected to reach the search area until April 5. There is a race against the clock to find any trace of the plane that could lead searchers to the black boxes, whose battery-powered “pinger” could stop sending signals within two more weeks.These batteries are designed to last at least a month.SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

     Several countries have begun moving specialised equipment into the area to prepare for a search for the plane and its black boxes, the common name for the cockpit voice and data recorders, needed to help determine what happened to the jetliner.

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