Mistakes You Must Avoid While applying for US citizenship


300x205xServanos-300x205.jpg.pagespeed.ic.SDCLi-AY1c• Even honest mistakes in application can lead to US citizenship denial

• Applications for US citizenship have surged in the last 12 years; so have denial rates

• Filipinos have the highest rate of naturalization among Asian countries. Dr. Pedro Servano and his wife, Salvacion, have lived in the United States as legal permanent residents for over 30 years. Their four children are Americans, having been born in this country.

But when the Filipino couple applied for US citizenship in 1991, their application was not only denied, but they were also put in removal proceedings.  It has now been over two decades since they started battling a deportation order and to remain in the country.

Like the Servanos, there are many long-term immigrants who believed they were in good moral standing for naturalization. However, because of past mistakes or through the application period, they were rejected from completing the final step of their U.S. immigration process.

According to immigration lawyers and advocates for U.S. citizenship, these legal immigrants may have run afoul of complicated immigration laws without even knowing it.

Others may have had a criminal conviction or provided untruthful information in their application, which are all grounds for naturalization denial, getting their green card revoked or an order of deportation.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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