Mo Cheddah: The storm Is over ?


Mo’-CheddahMo Cheddah: The storm Is over ? This Nigerian music aficionado and critic, Tosin Adeda recently went emerged from his mental excursions with a through piece on one of gifted singer, Mo’cheddah (born Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola).

As expected, the outcome was a detailed projectile into the entire length and breadth of her career as a singer and Adeda began with an objective look into how it all began.

Gifted singer, Mo’cheddah was once the darling of Nigerian music fans, till she left the house at knight, and her fans and the whole Nigerian music public were left in the dark.

First time I heard Mo’Cheddah was on the track “Knighthouse ft Tha Suspect, Mo Cheddah and Clarence Peters,’ that was in 2009, I never really paid attention. Same year I heard her on the monster hit track back then ‘The Finest (Wonberi)’ by Knight House featuring Saucekid and Teeto Ceemos. The way she took her hook with that tender voice with confidence, not letting herself get relegated by the two heavy weight rappers was very impressive.

Mo’cheddah later teamed up with Skuki to do the track ‘Stamina,’ which also dropped in 2009, and also became a hit. I later found out she was signed to Knight House, and I knew she was going to blow up. It was evident, as everything she was on back then was a hit song. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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