Mobile Advertising: It’s time to invest in quality control



Mobile has become a big part of our lives. Where you go, your mobile goes. With it comes the web, and through that – connectivity. In advertising, mobile’s role in consumer life has created an entirely new market. It has the ability to deliver better personalisation, relevancy, engagement and effectiveness across all media channels.

A great example of this in action would be the challenge of targeting a social group like surfers with a particular campaign. Surfers come from all demographics, psychographics and socio-economic backgrounds. Their mobile acts as a footprint to their life, showing their real-time location as well as where they have been before. However, the locations of surfers are similar to other beachgoers, so how can we differentiate between the two? We need to look deeper into surfers’ behaviours in order to distinguish them from the other beach goers.

One key insight is that surfers specifically need waves which are created by the weather, particularly off-shore storms. By overlaying ideal surfing weather with mobility data, in theory, sunbathers and other beach goers would be differentiated from an audience cluster group of surfers. This is smart mobile advertising at its best and just one example of the new wave (no pun intended) of possibilities for mobile advertising.

In this era of hyper-connectivity, there are three mobile trends which are impacting the way marketers work. Here is my take on these trends and what they mean for the ad-industry.   SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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