Mobile Number Portability Launched Across Nigeria’s GSM Networks


    Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has today launched Mobile Number Portability (MNP) across Nigeria’s GSM networks, enabling customers change their subscription to other mobile networks while retaining their mobile digits.
    The MNP system makes it easy for telecom subscribers to migrate across networks in search of quality service without the fear of losing, thereby driving competition, improved services and reduced tariff.
    NCC in its released guidelines for MNP, made migration free of charge for subscribers but insisted that subscribers could only change networks once every 90 days.
    An MTN subscriber who pleaded anonymity, said: “The limit imposed on the frequency of migration defeats the purpose of the MNP.”
    She explained that a subscriber that moves to a poorer network has no option of migrating back to the previous network for a long time, meaning the poorer network(s) also gets to keep customers for a long time.
    According to report, all four GSM operators in Nigeria said they were prepared for the portability launch.

    The NCC has said it would extend the portability service to Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), operators in the country, which include Visafone and Capcom, a merger of Starcomms, Multi-Links and MTS Wireless.
    In 2001, with the launch of GSM operators in the Nigerian market, tariff per minute went as high as 60 naira (38 cents). In 2013, with improved competition and 4 telecom operators – MTN, Globacom, Etisalat and Airtel – tariff per minute have plunged as low as 15 naira (10 cents).

    Mobile Number Portability is also new service offered by all mobile service providers that allows you to switch over to another service provider while retaining your existing mobile phone number.This process is called porting. Number portability continues to grow in popularity, creating more competitive markets and greater choice for subscribers. Deployments of any size demand close collaboration between regulators and service providers. And overall success hinges on unwavering technical and consultative support from a leading number portability specialist. Our Number Portability Clearinghouse serves as a central point and number repository that ensures any number can be easily ported between any of the operators in Nigeria. By operators utilizing the same set of rules for handling port requests, number exchanges occur quickly and accurately. The clearinghouse further improves number porting administration by controlling and tracking the flow of messages.
    You will however require a new SIM card from the network you join.
    What are the benefits of Mobile Number Portability to the customer?
    It also Reduces switching cost in aspects like – cost of updating marketing and business materials, notifying family members, repainting business vans because of changed numbers e.t.c.
    What are the benefits of Mobile Number Portability to the network providers?
    It boosts the level of open competition among networks operators Easier for new entrants to gain market share Acts as incentive for service providers to improve on quality of service and customer satisfaction
    ICN in collaboration with her International partners Telcordia and Saab Grintek are therefore poised to implement the Number Portability service in Nigeria according to the provisions of the contract awarded the group.

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    1. Airtel MNP Offer is implemented in different ways across the globe. The International and European standard is for a customer wishing to port his/her number to contact the new network. MNP is a service that enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another and can do MNP Status Check. Airtel Mobile Number Portability

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