Mobile Phone Internet Data Bundle & Subscription Codes For MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat


    This is list of all mobile internet data bundle or data plans & subscription codes for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat (All Networks in Nigeria). These mobile data plans are specifically made for internet connection on Phones, Smartphones and Tablets but you can as well use them on your Laptop PC, Notebooks, Macbook and Desktops. Look through the list to find out the mobile data bundle that fits your budget and time schedule. Enjoy reading.
    My Take on All These Networks Regarding Data Plans:
    If you subscribe to any of the MTN mobile data plans, I would warn you to be careful and wary of their tricks. You should always make sure you don’t have extra credit on your SIM after you have subscribed, this is because MTN will not alert you when you exhaust the allocated MB and they will allow you to continue surfing the internet until you exhaust your credit. They will not even alert you, you will just get to know when you can no longer connect to the internet. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>
    I’m not saying MTN is a cheat and that’s how it happens for everyone, NO. That’s the way it has always been for me and a couple of friends that use MTN. I stuck to them for some time because it has the strongest network where I used to be.Mind you, MTN is not the only culprit here; even Etisalat too. I cannot say the same for Glo because I get message from time to time telling me what percentage of the data plan I have used. I don’t use Airtel on mobile and therefore can’t say anything about them. I use their BIS plan on PC though.
    Data Bundle & Subscription Codes For All Nigerian GSM Networks

    » MTN Mobile Phone Data Bundle & Subscription Codes

    Data Volume (Old) Data Volume (New) Price
    Activation keyword
    MTN Mobile Internet Daily Plans:
    10MB 10MB N100 24 hours Text 104 to 131
    Mobile Internet Weekly Plans:
    25MB 25MB N400 7days Text 105 to 131
    Mobile Internet Monthly Plans:
    100MB 200MB N1,000 30days Text 106 to 131
    250MB 375MB N1,300 30days Text 109 to 131
    500MB 750MB N2,000 30days Text 110 to 131
    1GB 1.5GB N3,500 30days Text 111 to 131

    » Glo Mobile Phone Data Bundle & Subscription Codes

    Plan Name
    Service Rental
    Data Cap
    Validity Period
    SMS to 127
    Target Device
    Instant Surf
    N100 10MB 24 hours *127*51# ‘51’ Handset
    One Week
    N400 50MB 7 days *127*52# ‘52’ Handset
    Always Micro
    N1,000 200MB 30 days *127*53# ‘53’ Handset
    Always Macro
    N3,000 1,024MB (1GB) 30 days *127*54# ‘54’ Handset/Tablet

    » Airtel Mobile Phone Data Bundle & Subscription Codes

    Plan Data Allowance (MB)- Actual Data Allowance
    (MB)- BONUS
    Price (N)
    period (days)
    SMS Activation
    USSD Activation
    Code (NEW)
    Daily 10 100 1 Day Daily *141*11*1#
    Weekly 25 400 7 days Weekly *141*11*2#
    Easy 80 24 500 14 Days Easy *141*11*3#
    Lite 200 1000 30 Days Lite *141*11*4#
    Midi 250 75 1300 30 Days Midi *141*11*5#
    Surf 500 250 2000 30 Days Surf *141*11*6#
    Smartphone 1024 512 3000 30 Days Smartphone *141*11*7#
    To check data usage: Dial *141*11*0# or text status to 141

    » Etisalat Mobile Phone Data Bundle & Subscription Codes

    Plan Data Allowance Price USSD Code SMS Keyword Service Profile
    Daily 10 MB N100 *229*3*1# MI1 EDGE
    Weekly 50 MB N500 *229*3*4# MI2 EDGE
    To check for data balance or how much data left for your plan, simply dial *228# on your phone or Easynet Modem and your balance and validity of your data plan will be displayed.

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