Mother Of ”World’s Most Beautiful Girl Kristina Pimenova” Slams Critics Who Condemn The 9-yr old’s ‘Sexualised’ Images



Mother Of World’s Most Beautiful Girl Slams Critics Who Condemn The 9-yr old’s ‘Sexualised’ Images, The mother of a child supermodel dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’ has attacked ‘paedophiles’ who say she is sexualising her daughter by posting provocative pictures of her.comments under the 9year old’spicture are often sexual. Kristina Pimenova is just nine years old but has become a worldwide sensation after pictures of her triggered a storm of criticism on Facebook and Instagram. Today her mother Glikeriya Pimenova, who runs the social media accounts and posted the pictures, hit back in an exclusive interview with MailOnline, saying: ‘I do not accept those accusations about sexualisation of my child.I am certain in my mind all herphotographs are absolutely innocent. I have never asked her to take this or that pose, and in fact I must say she does not especially like it when I am photographing her,  so I do it quickly and when she doesn’t notice.’23C3DC7B00000578-2861986-image-a-67_1417775514040 You must think like a paedophile in order to see something sexual in  these pictures, so it is time for you to see a doctor. Some years ago I posted apicture of little Kristina on the beach in the Maldives hugging her three soft toys and laughing. ‘She was holding all her toys in front of her chest and hugging them, and you know what comments I got to this picture? ”Oh, she is covering her breasts because she thinks she has something to hide!’ Can you believe it? I think people who post something like this have serious psychological problems.’

 Sipping fruit tea and clearly stung by the accusations, Glikeriya insists ‘All her ‘poses’ are natural. She is just a little girl who is attracting a lot of attention and unfortunately some of this attention is coming from strange people with huge personal problems, keen to throw dirt at anyone.’


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