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13316964_137165020034123_9184007817003803202_o If Buhari visits Ogoniland today and an attempt is made on his life, two things are bound to happen and both leads to only one end.

One is to take him out using snipers or whatever and then what? The army will wipe the entire Southeast and South South off the surface of the earth. The army, Air force, Navy and all other security forces will be given a ‘shoot at sight order’ to keep shelling the entire region until nothing moves again, yes, nothing. The other is to make an attempt on his life and he escapes the assassination plot; either ways, the security agents will still kill everyone and everything. So, who wins?

No matter how it plays out, the northerners will immediately commence‪#‎ethnicCleansing‬ against the ‪#‎Millions‬ of southerners in the North and the Southerners will also annihilate the ‪#‎Few‬ northerners in the South and a full scale war that is worse than the ‪#‎Biafra‬ cum ‪#‎bokoHaram‬ war will begin. Every ethnic group will take up arm against the other and continue to kill one another till the whole country is littered with corpses. Then the international community will wade into the crisis in the name of quelling the fight and take our oil and lands away from us. Then another round of‪#‎Colonialization‬ will begin in full gear and the few ones that are lucky to be alive will become slaves to the West. Biafra is lost and One Nigeria is also lost. So, who wins?

Then 60 years from now, one of the few lucky survivors of the war will author a book with the title: ‘There was a country’ or ‘Buhari’s visit to Ogoniland: The beginning of the end of Nigeria’; or something like that. Again, who wins?

But after a deep thought, I told myself that Buhari was right to cancel his visit and take the ‪#‎Shame‬ that comes with it. He has clearly demonstrated a rare statesmanship that is worthy of emulation. The Buhari that I know is not worried about his life; he fought in the Biafra war 49 years ago. He is a war General who has seen death on several occasions. He is only concerned about the millions of life that will be wasted because of him as well as the aftermath effect of such bloody situation on the over 170million lives of fellow Nigerians.

Thank you baba for saving our lives. You have just earned yourself the title of ‘The father of a new Nigeria! Shame on you ‪#‎Wailers‬!

God bless President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR!

Sirnucy Lafiagi.

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