Nigerians Reacts To Muhammadu Buhari’s Interview With CNN’s Amanpour



See various people’s comments/Opinion below:

“Watched the interview live and I shed tears for Nigeria. Why would a single Nigerian want to vote for Buhari. The man is arrogant, unrepentant, tired, inaudible and very old. He was very angry and very uncomfortable. That interview was a gift to GEJ, I call it the unveiling of real Muhammed Buhari.”
— OG Bricks.

“Nigerians understand the man Buhari better than anyone outside Nigeria. The noise you hear online is not from Nigerian voters. It’s from people paid to do certain job like PR Consultants. These people are working hard to justify their contract. Buhari has every reason to be angry at himself, now more than ever before. He has been stripped naked in the Nigerian political market place. You just have to feel sorry for the man. When Obasanjo finds reason to support you openly, count yourself as politically dead. He (Obasanjo) never identifies with any thriving human being.”
— Kenuch.


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