This is how you can get unlimited data plan using your multilinks modem with PD-Proxy. I will quickly explain it here.With this you can get UNLIMITED connections daily, but if you so desire to get the unlimited plan you must pay a token and your connection would be unlimited. connect your Multilinks modem and go to PD-PROXY to register freely kindly click a link that would be sent your inbox to activate your account .Go and download the pd proxy software from the site and open it to insert your username and password then choose DEMO and UDP as your server protocol. You can change to any server immediately your account is upgraded. Incase you needed an upgrade I can help you out if you call me ( 08059596730 ) the picture you are seeing is the snapshot of the software. Kindly comment below and do not forget to insert your email so I can keep you updated on any other technology news. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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