My Thoughts By Stella Damascus Aboderin



A young girl from my women and young girls mentoring club (Adiva), sent a long e-mail lamenting about people around her community and some of her friends. She did not understand why no one ever noticed or talked about her when she did something good for others or to others but whenever there was gossip and it concerned her the whole school turned upside down. She hated the fact that she was always in the school gossip magazine for all the unthinkable things but when her grades come out tops she was never mentioned. In the mail she was angry that her friends who had known her for ages never stood by her nor defended her whenever she had issues. She went on and on and at first I laughed when I finished the long mail. So in my response I said: ” My dear with everything you must have read and heard about me, I am still wondering why you believe I can help you when I go through practically the same thing almost everyday”. She responded and said she was one of those who would actually read and hear these things and believe them. She also apologised because she said it was very easy for her to contribute to the gist about me even though she did not know me personally and had never met me before.

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