National Conference Delegates Unpaid Salaries: Delegates Now Squat With Friends

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Delegates at the ongoing National Conference in Abuja say their activities are gradually grinding to a halt because the Federal Government had failed to pay their allowances. Some of the delegates said they had been thrown out of their hotels because, with their allowances unpaid, they could not afford to pay their lodging bills. A delegate who asked for anonymity stated that he had packed out of his hotel room. “I have not been paid, so where will I find the money to pay the hotel?” the delegate stated. He added that he had moved into a friend’s apartment in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. Many of the delegates milled around in groups today after the matter of their unpaid allowances was extensively discussed at the plenary. One of the delegates disclosed that he and others had complained bitterly over the failure to pay their allowances. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>
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