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NDA 2016 RECRUITMENT: Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) begins application process for officer cadets into the academy


Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) has begun the application process for officer cadets into the academy for various undergraduate degrees.

Here’s what is cool about getting into NDA. The government is going to underwrite your administrative and other needs. This means, you don’t pay. And you have a guaranteed job as a military officer after your studies. 12565620_10208825295529687_8307058269911706155_n

But here’s the problem:
Our people will not apply or coordinate application, but will wait until the list is out before they cry that northerners are marginalized.

And since our new president is from the north, many will erroneously think he is going to protect their interests. No, he wouldn’t! Largely BECAUSE he is a northerner. It is what Uncle Mohammed Haruna called the suicidal sacrifice of northern leaders.

What this means, believe it or not, is that when northerners are at the helm, that’s when their people are likely to be short-changed.

You don’t believe me? Well, the VOA has been running a programme for weeks now where the IGP is alleged to have marginalized the northern officers in the recent promotions. Make of that what you will, but under whose presidency did that happen?

So forget government and organize. Since we know that our people will not apply on their own, our community associations and individuals must facilitate the application process by dedicating a desk or an Internet cafe near them to the project.

Application fee is N3000. With N30K, an individual or an association can sponsor 10 applicants. And once they get in, they are no longer your business.

Here are benefits of doing so:
1. You can count it as a tangible achievement

2. It is the only way to checkmate the big shots who will undoubtedly push their own applications through the back door. Don’t think it would not happen under Buhari. As I write this, big men are getting their children employed in the ‘lucrative’ government organizations. And some of those who do this are APC. So Mr. Poor Man, you’re on your own. Nobody cares for you.

3. When your people are marginalized and they claimed nobody applied from your area, you can show them copies of the applications.
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