New Future Big Brother House With Nowhere For Housemates To Hide


article-0-1E60EC0B00000578-578_634x422Big Brother house has opened its doors for a special preview viewing. Boasting plenty of modern curves, bright green and purple colors and even more openness without anywhere to hide, the new BB house looks more like a futuristic spacecraft than a comfy home. Gone are the lavish soft furnishings from Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, which have been replaced with state-of-the-art home wear.  This year it has been announced that Big Brother is going high-tech. Although housemates will leave their phones,ipads and Twitter accounts behind, they will discover that technology is at the heart of this year’s house. Their hands will also be scanned on an identity touch pad to allow them access to the Diary Room. The outside area of the BB house is now all about clean lines, groovy pot plants and green space, with plenty of bright purple seating, as well as the usual swimming pool and sports area. The new layout also allows for housemates to not only watch from upstairs what is going on below in the garden but because it is open upstairs as well they can also be viewed from the garden. The bedroom can only be accessed via the garden, where as usual, housemates will need to share the modern communal space. If housemates need an area to escape to, they’ll discover a private futuristic pod set high above the garden.

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