Neymar: 4th Highest Rated Player At The 2014 World Cup



#brazil2014, #worldcup Neymar – 4th highest rated player at the 2014 World Cup Neymar has skills that is quite near to Ronaldo and Messi’s. Neymar should be the third not Rooney. Neymar is talented as a great Brazillian player anyone has ever seen. Do you think Neymar should appear 4th, NO. Neymar should be the third, Yes. Show your respect to him, he is also young so he can be like the two top players, Ronaldo or Messi and not Rooney. Neymar plays forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona. When he was just 19-years old, he won the 2011 South American Footballer of the Year award. Oh and then he won it again in 2010. Neymar is known for his speed, acceleration, dribbling, finishing, and his ability to deftly handle the ball equally as well with both feet. He is celebrated for his playing, even Ronaldinho has said of Neymar: “he will be the best in the world.” At the tender age of 22, Neymar is the fourth highest paid soccer player in the world with an annual income of $28 million. Of that $28 million, $12 million is from salary and $16 million comes from endorsements for companies like Nike, Castrol, Panasonic, L’Oreal, Volkswagen.

Anyone who earns around $30 million per year certainly has the right to splurge a little. However, this young man is really letting his millions burn a hole in his pocket. Concerns have arisen that the talented athlete may, in fact, be on the road to bankruptcy if he doesn’t cool his wild spending habits ASAP.

In just the last few years alone, Neymar has spent $750,000 on a triplex condominium and $2 million on a mansion in a gated community. Both properties are located on in the Northern Coast section of Sao Paulo. He also bought a $150,000 apartment in downtown Sao Paulo. When he’s in Spain, Neymar lives in a $2.5 million mansion on the outskirts of Barcelona.

He bought the 20 year old mother of his child a $1 million dollar penthouse and pays her $15,000 per month child support. When he drives, he has a fleet of cars in both Spain and Brazil. His favorite car is supposedly a Porsche Panamera Turbo which in Brazil will set you back $400,000 to $550,000, depending on the customizations. When Neymar travels by air, he exclusive flies on private jets. He also recently purchased a helicopter.


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