Nigeria Has Got 1,400 illegal Borders’


    The Nigerian Comptroller General of Immigration Service, David Parradang, on Wednesday said there were over 1,400 illegal routes into Nigeria with only 84 approved border control posts. He made the shocking revelation when he appeared before the Committee on Immigration and Related Matters of the ongoing National Conference in Abuja.
    “Whereas we have 84 approved border control posts across 4,000 sq. km., there are well over 1,400 illegal routes which are not manned. This has great security implications for the country,” he said.
    Besides, he revealed that there were undemarcated poorly marked borders in Nigeria which made stringent control difficult. Adamawa with five control posts 80 illegal routes while Ogun  State has 83 illegal routes identified. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>

    Parradang disclosed that the distance between one land control post to another was over hundreds of kilometres “which is very impossible for anybody to say it has total control over.”
    He blamed the porous border on colonial demarcation which, he said, would take time to correct.
    “You can draw the map of Nigeria but when you go on the ground it is a different thing. It is an issue that will take time.” According to him, borders in the North are fairly opened while those in the South-West are not that opened.
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