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Nigerian Fashion bloggers “Temi Otedola” & “The Fashion Engineer” featured on CNN African Voices/Style  

Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Temi Otedola(JTO)  and Sayedero of The Fashion Engineer along with others who are cashing in on the rise of social media have been featured on the CNN Style website and African Voices.
This is a great time for Nigerian Fashion Industry which has been on the rise in recent years; continuing to draw more and more attention from the International community.

“The industry is growing fast and although it still faces some very real challenges in terms of infrastructure and funding, it’s beginning to reach a wide audience of fashion conscious consumers thanks to e-commerce, social media and the fact that the international fashion industry is always on the hunt for something new” she adds.

From quirky surf wear to classic tailoring with a twist, here are Africa’s emerging fashion stars
Read the full feature here Young African Designers

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