Nigerian Lawyer Speaks: Abduction of 200 Girls Sours Nigeria’s History


    Ilemona Onoja a nigerian based lawyer has said that Nigeria has come to a sorry state in our national history, following the abduction of about 200 girls from Girls Government Secondary School, Chibok. Mr. Onoja blamed the parents of the victims for not listening to the warnings of government agency preventing them from writing exams. Mr. Onoja further blamed security operatives that are not working with information given to them, he therefore asked President Goodluck Jonathan to remove them. Mr. Onoja noted that a lot of Boko Haram’s activities have been about propaganda, stating that before, they quickly claim an attack for the purposes of establishing victory over the Nigerian forces, in the case of the kidnapped girls it took the Boko Haram leader about 19 days before he came out to claim responsibility. He questioned the long timing before the leader came out to talk. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>

    He said that the ultimate fear of Nigerians is that there maybe some form of sponsorship from someone in government, and criticized the efforts President Goodluck Jonathan has put in place on security, for the World Economic Forum On Africa holding from May 7-9
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