Nigerian Man Accused Of Killing Banker Wife Is Sentenced To Death In Lagos


Nigerian man accused of killing his banker wife on  June 24th 2011,Named Ayo Arowolo, has been sentenced to death by a Lagos high court. Presiding judge, Lateefat Okunnu held that Mr. Arowolo was guilty of murder and ruled that he should be sent to the gallows.
In a long judgment lasting more than two and half hours, presiding judge ruled that Ayo was guilty of killing his wife Mrs. Omozodje Arowolo. The judge, Mrs. Lateefat Okunnu relied on testimonies and evidences of fifteen witnesses including family members of the deceased, investigating police officers, photographers and Chief pathologist of Lagos State to make her judgment. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>

Mr. Arowolo broke down in the dock during the judgment and said many times while being taken away that he would not die of the judgment. 
He shouted “Jesus Christ, I cannot die” many times as he was led away by prison warders.
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