Nigerian Minister of Power Speaks pidgin as He Explain Issues Surronding The growth of power sector



Nigeria’s  Honourable Minister of Power, Nigeria, Professor Chinedu Nebo was  recently on Wazobia FM 99.5 to discuss the progress being made in the power sector, as well as the various obstacles and challenges faced by the various aspects of the power sector. In the interview with Wiliwili, which saw Prof Nebo speak fluently in pidgin English, he explained that there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation concerning the growth of the power sector. 

In addition he also highlighted the progress being made behind the scenes in respect to gas supply, construction of transmission lines, construction of new power plants, human capacity training, and others. On of the major issues raised by the minister was the vandalization of national assets more especially gas and transmission infrastructure. He stated that the gas pipes vandalization occurred most frequently when generation is at an optimal level.


Take a listen to the full interview be informed.

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