Nigerian President’s Meetings with Obama

    1.Wondering who brought Nigeria
       To this pitiful state of decay
       That disease wrecking our bones
       America will know
    2.You,just try for once
       To dip your hands into our treasury
       Even if I don’t see you
       America will know
    3.Thinking about the killer
       That caused another blast at Nyanya
       Though we don’t really have the answer
       Just know that America will know  SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

    4.The present location
       Of our kidnapped children
       A question I can’t really answer now
       Be rest assured that America will know
    5.If there will be yet another blast
       If more children will be kidnapped
       If Boko Haram will at the end become history
       America will know
    6.The question about the national confab
       Yielding something worthwhile at the end
       What would become of our revenue sharing formula
       America will know
    7.Wondering why the ‘blinged pastor’
       Stratified the list of abducted girls by religion
       Big question so difficult to answer
       But then,America will know
    8.Reason why Sanusi can no longer fly
       Freely to & from wherever he wills
       Reason why Abba Moro has not been sacked
       America will know
    9.If Nigeria will break up at the end
       Separated by fault lines of ethnic differences
       If ballot boxes will be snatched come 2015
       America will know
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