Nigerian publicist Apologises Over claims That Zimbabwean Big Brother Celebrity Makosi Musambasi Used her Manuscript for a book without Consent



A Nigerian publicist who initially claimed that Zimbabwean Big Brother celebrity Makosi Musambasi had used her manuscript for a book without consent has since issued a public apology via twitter claiming there was an “absolute breakdown in communication.”Nigerian publicist and writer Joy Bewaji last week claimed that Makosi’s new book “Self Love: The Ultimate Choice” was her manuscript for the Zimbabwean but was “published without my consent or involvement.” She even went on to threaten legal action against Makosi over the book.

But in a statement issued on Monday Bewaji made a dramatic u-turn:

“To address the issues concerning the presentation of the book: “Self Love: The Ultimate Choice” by Makosi, it is imperative to state that there was an absolute breakdown in communication at some point that resulted to a misunderstanding, which escalated to shock, anger and a total fall-out,” her statement read.

“We have since been summoned to a round-table dialogue; and all misunderstanding and disagreements have been laid to rest. As it appears, no one has a horn to their head after all. I do understand the need to “grow above” certain situations, but my first response was to react angrily, and for that I will take a bullet.

“At this point, after proper intervention and mediation, I would like to retract my previous letter as it contains scathing remarks that came straight from a point of utter disbelief. I trust this would conclude the matter,” Bewaji added.

Last week a lawyer representing Makosi told Nehanda Radio that the claims by Bewaji were ‘malicious and vindictive.’ She confirmed that Makosi paid Bewaji the sum of N1 500 000 ($9200) at one point, N245 000 ($1500) at another and N350 000 ($2100) and again ($12,800) to ghost-write this book.  CONTINUE ON PAGE 2

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