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Nigerian Stephanie Akpapuna delivers her valedictory speech at Dillard University’s 80th Commencement  

Dillard University held its 80th commencement on Saturday, May 7, on the school’s Rosa Freeman Keller Avenue of the Oaks in New Orleans, conferring more than 200 undergraduate degrees. Actor-comedian Garrett Morris (the first black “Saturday Night Live” cast member and a regular on “Two Broke Girls”) and actor Terrence “J” Jenkins received honorary degrees.

Nigerian valedictorian Stephanie Akpapuna, who is pictured talking to her graduating class at the ceremony. Miss Akpapuna made history as 3rd sister named valedictorian at the University. Both of her older sisters, Jennifer and Merrilyn, were valedictorians in 2004 and 2014, respectively.


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