Video: Nigerian UK based journalist & Nursing Mum, Rose P. Graham Was Hired And Paid By APC


1517383_10204793481450569_4665387857890546419_nA lot of things have been said about Nigerian UK based journalist, Rose P Graham, who made one of the most controversial videos so far, in the coverage of the current Nigerian election cycle. IMG_3601-2The video is of purported PDP rented protesters at Gen Buhari’s Chatham House Speech, there to ‘protest’ the speech and presence of the APC candidate. RPG, as she is known, has been insulted, threatened, vilified and praised. All these reactions are evidence of the significance of what she has done in her capacity as a fact finder. Some people have called her an APC paid agent herself, and accused her of renting the interview persons herself. graham-pThis is the most serious allegation against her and I looked into it. It is a blatant lie. Another video has now emerged on social media of a lady simply referred to as Adijatu, who said, and she did not cover her face, that she was paid $20,000 to ‘organize’ the PDP protest. RPG had nothing to do with the PDP crowd, literally. There is currently no evidence that she was paid to appear on behalf of APC.

If that is the case at the moment, why are we not celebrating her as a fact finding hero? Hasn’t the substance of her interview with the purported rented crowd not now vindicated? If all the brown envelope loving journalists in Nigeria pursued the facts with a similar passion as RPG don’t we think we should have had a better country long since? Threats (to even life), condemnation, personal attacks. These are the hazards of the profession that a shameless generation of journalists have scurried consistently away from. And here is a new mother who should be nursing her baby at home, out on the streets, fearlessly showing her passion and doing her job, never mind the hazards. She has even been accused of exposing her baby to harm.


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