Nigerians in Canada are against General Muhammadu Buhari’s bid for Presidency.


10427226_632963883493172_710864464164320795_nNigerians in Canada are against Buhari’s bid for Presidency., There’s no vacancy in the Presidential Villa.The song is famous now. These people had their family members brutalised during the first and last era of Buhari from 1983 to 1985. They don’t want to see a man whose human right record was horrible to lead us again. Never!524259_632963886826505_8817088063669846008_n-1 10357515_632963880159839_8076246544288347386_n 10427226_632963883493172_710864464164320795_n 524259_632963886826505_8817088063669846008_n

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