Nigeria’s Davido Thinks BBAHotshots Votes Were Stolen


EESKczxS_400x400Nigeria’s superstar musician Davido is not contented with the outcome of Big Brother Africa. How could Nigeria not win? How would Tayo not defeat Idris to win BBA? It may seem that many people were anticipating for Tayo to win Big Brother Africa hotshots, Davido included. Many people had voted and even much more were campaining for Africa to keep voting for Tayo in Big Brother Africa. When the results were announced, it came as a shocker to many Nigerians, and other fans across Africa, especially those who were in loyal support of Tayo. See some of their reactions after hearing Tayo lost to Idris. It may now seem obvious that BBA was rigged in favour of Idris from Tanzania, but only statistics can confirm this. As we wait to see how Africa voted, see how displeased Davido appears to be with the win of Idris,

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