Nigeria’s Poll Result From “Oyo State INEC”: APC’s General Muhammadu Buhari Wins In 19 Local Governments in Oyo State


CBVtwIGWAAAAjxqThe presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress, (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari is leading in Oyo according to results of the local government released by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). With the results from Oyo, Buhari appears to have won all states in the Southwest save for Ekiti state where the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won.Buhari-in-Ijaw-Dress-620x330

Oyo West: APC-16,431, PDP-5,381

Atisbo: APC-9,090, PDP-6,392

Saki East: APC-7,208, PDP-5,368

Iwajowa: APC-8,715, PDP-7, 389

Ona Ara: APC-12,291, PDP-7,175

Ibarapa East: APC-10,482, PDP 7,009

Atiba: APC-16,755, PDP-6,443

Oluyole: APC-19, 642, PDP-6,956

Ido: APC-17,235, PDP-6,538

Kajola: APC-14,538, PDP-11,045

Afijio: APC-8,001, PDP-5,738Buhari

The returning officer at Afijio Local Government disclosed that election did not take place in three units because INEC headquarters did not supply election materials for the units and registered voters in the units did not have PVC.

Orelope: APC-9,425, PDP-5,384

Irepo: APC-10, 380, PDP-4,979

Itesiwaju: APC-7,257, PDP-7,605

Iseyin: APC-24,075, PDP-10,569

Oyo East: APC-17,105, PDP-6,326

APC-10,161, PDP-13,238

Saki West: APC-25,965, PDP-7,008

Lagelu: APC-15,547, PDP-7,366

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